HIerocoin $BAR

"Funding the arts with defi technology"

$BAR is a community token on the Binance Smart Chain. Our goal is to change the music industry. Buying $BAR supports the build of the first DAO for incubating the arts. $BAR is also a metaverse currency and the currency of our exclusive NFT marketplace. After our initial token burn, there's only 43,011,756.23 BAR in existence. #BuyBAR #HodlBAR

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BAR is the native utility token used for:

Crowdfunding the build of Hierocoin DAO


Metaverse Currency

How many BAR tokens are in circulation?

Initial Supply

93000000 BAR

Circulating Supply

43,011,756.23 BAR

Total Supply

43,011,756.23 BAR

BAR token distribution

Initial liquidity Offering

50,000,000 BAR



33,810,000 BAR


To Hieroglyphics the band

9,000,000 BAR


For Hierocoin Farms

300,000 BAR



7500 BAR


Our Documents

ROAD MAP to the Hierocoin DAO

summer 2021 - Deployment
  1. Deploy BAR to the Binance Smart Chain
  2. Set up BAR farms 
  3. Airdrop 7500 BAR to fans
  4. develop marketing plan
Fall 2021 - Security and Launch
  1. Audit contracts
  2. Whitelist pre-salers
  3. KYC verification
  4. Lock liquidity
  5. Unicrypt pre-sale
Winter 2021 - Marketing
  1. Listing on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko
  2. Wave 2 of marketing campaign
  3.  Pancakeswap BAR/BNB pair tradable
  4. press run
Spring 2022 - Hierocoin DAO
  1. Form first legal hip-hop DAO in Wyoming, USA
  2. Write DAO smart contracts
  3. Write DAO governance token contract
  4. Apply for SEC approval of the Hierocoin DAO
  5. Add governance token to Hiero farms



How to add BAR to Metamask manually

1. Go to your assets and click “custom token”.

2. Enter this contract address; 0x34550001Fbf7d6e42e812763C91eF96F129742AB

$. Token symbol is BAR and the token name is Hierocoin.

You will see your BAR in your wallet.

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